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Call for Volunteers - VR Developers

State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) invites applications for Virtual Reality developers volunteers.

About the task:
1. Work on a VR application to be used by state officials to monitor the Coronavirus outbreak.
2. Work on Unity (Other Gaming Engine) / Blender (Other 3D Modelling tools) to build a VR application (preferably for Oculus Go and Quest device).
3. Work with the backend team to ensure you have all the necessary information to work on the application.
4. The idea is to have the quick MVP out in a couple of days and take it from there.

About you:
1. Have the courage and genuine curiosity to work on Virtual Reality and be part of select like-minded individuals.
2. Want to play a role by helping with what you can do in this worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus outbreak.
3. Want to work on a real life-real time Virtual Reality project.
4. Have previously worked on VR project(s) and are a proficient VR developer.
5. You should understand using Rest APIs.

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