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Internship Call for District Program Manager (DPM) CoronaSafe Network

CoronaSafe Network is a Free and Open Source disaster management network built by a multi-disciplinary industry group and government officers in full coordination with the Chief Minister's Office in Kerala. After a successful field trial in the district of Ernakulam, the Government has issued orders for statewide adoption as the disaster management network not just for Corona but for all future disasters.

You can learn about CoronaSafe Network at and dive deeper into field level strategic documentation at

To support the continuous development, implementation and upgradation of CoronaSafe Network, the Principal Secretary, Higher Education, Government of Kerala has also issued orders for setting up a Center for Advanced Technologies in Disaster Management at Cochin University of Science and Technology.

Before applying, do read the Government Orders for Adopting CoronaSafe disaster management network issued by Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary Higher Education at

Call for Disaster Management Internships

28 Disaster Management Internships are announced for students with leadership, written and verbal communication skills in English and Malayalam to work as District Program Manager (DPM) with CoronaSafe Network.

From each district, a team of two people will be selected and trained in the basics of Disaster Management as well as the use of CoronaSafe Tools to respond to any disaster, in particular, the CoronaVirus Pandemic. 

Successful Trainees who meet the required standards will be then placed as District Program Managers (DPM) at their respective districts to oversee the implementation of these tools. 

They shall work alongside the DPM’s of Kerala IT Mission who shall be a “buddy” to guide during the internships and play a critical role in network roll out and operationalisation at the district emergency operations center in the District Collectorate.

Key Responsibilities of DPM (CoronaSafe Network)

1. Field Level Coordination for CoronaSafe Network roll out between the District and State Support Center at Kerala State Disaster Management Authority.

2. Coordination for CoronaSafe Network roll out between DPM (Health) and DPM (IT Mission) to operationalise the network in the district by onboarding hospitals and ambulances.

Other Information:

  • Duration: The initial internship is full time for a period of two months.

  • All Branches/ All Semesters - Students studying in any college and in any branch/ semester may apply.

  • Skills Required :

  • Good Verbal Communication Skills in English and Malayalam

  • Strong Interpersonal communication skills to coordinate with many people

  • Strong sense to take up and execute given responsibility and overcome many challenges which are faced in the field as there is no textbook solution for a pandemic

  • Self confidence and cheerful personality

  • Above average skills in use of the internet, software applications and smartphone apps are required to learn very fast and contribute by passing field level inputs to software engineers.

  • Selection Process: From amongst the students who apply, a smaller group will be shortlisted for a telephonic interview. Students who clear the telephonic interview will be selected as Trainees and shall receive online training on how to operate CoronaSafe Network. Over time, the youth will have to play a critical role as they are the most healthy generation who can overcome the virus easily and step forward to protect the elderly parents and grandparents. Preference will be given to students who already have had Covid19 and have generated antibodies and have no fear.

  • Field Training: Successful trainees will be invited to Kochi for a one day hands on training by field officers of Health and Sub-Collector, Fort Kochi who is responsible for statewide implementation. The intern will be expected to travel within their district for various training and coordination activities along with the DPM of Health or IT to understand field level challenges and find solutions along with the district or state team.

  • Certificates and Duty Leaves: Certificates for Internships will be provided for students who complete the full internship period by Center for Advanced Technologies in Disaster Management. Duty Leaves shall also be provided for students upon request and support shall be given by the Center to coordinate the duty leave implementation with college authorities.

  • Stipends:

- This is a paid internship with stipend of.10,000 per month

- The stipend for internships would be paid by Saturn Global Foundation, a recipient of the ACT Grants for which personal bank accounts shall be submitted to the foundation for receiving the monthly stipend.

  • Key Dates: 

  • The internship start date is immediate upon selection. Due exceptions shall be given for examination dates.

  • Last date for application July 3rd 2020, 6.00PM

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