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Corona Literacy Mission

Call for Corona Care Volunteers

This is a call for Volunteers who have already defeated Corona. CoronaSafe Network is a group of multi-disciplinary teams of volunteers working along with the Government of Kerala.

Our goal is to create a community of volunteers who have already recovered from the coronavirus and have built immunity against it. These volunteers will be frontline workers in the healthcare network at block and panchayat levels across Kerala to assist our clinical team.

Such volunteers will be valued for their effort as well as for spreading the positive message that the virus can easily be defeated by our body's immunity systems, with or without external medical aid.

Criteria: People who are Corona cured /discharged from the hospital and completed 14 days of isolation after discharge (Age: between 18 - 50)

We will train you to:
- Manage Corona Community Centers
- Operate Corona Testing Centers
- Do home visits with Field Clinical Team

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