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Volunteer Call
Call for Corona Care Volunteers

This is a call for Volunteers who have already defeated Corona. CoronaSafe Network is a group of multi-disciplinary teams of volunteers working along with the Government of Kerala.

Our goal is to create a community of volunteers who have already recovered from the coronavirus and have built immunity against it. These volunteers will be frontline workers in the healthcare network at block and panchayat levels across Kerala to assist our clinical team.

Such volunteers will be valued for their effort as well as for spreading the positive message that the virus can easily be defeated by our body's immunity systems, with or without external medical aid.

Criteria: People who are Corona cured /discharged from the hospital and completed 14 days of isolation after discharge (Age: between 18 - 50)

We will train you to:
- Manage Corona Community Centers
- Operate Corona Testing Centers
- Do home visits with Field Clinical Team

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Call for Photography/Videography Volunteers-Ernakulam District

CoronaSafe Network is an open-source public utility designed by a multi-disciplinary team of innovators and volunteers who are working on a model to support Government efforts with full understanding and support of Government of Kerala.

For more details, please visit:

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Call for Volunteers - VR Developers

State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) invites applications for Virtual Reality developers volunteers.

About the task:
1. Work on a VR application to be used by state officials to monitor the Coronavirus outbreak.
2. Work on Unity (Other Gaming Engine) / Blender (Other 3D Modelling tools) to build a VR application (preferably for Oculus Go and Quest device).
3. Work with the backend team to ensure you have all the necessary information to work on the application.
4. The idea is to have the quick MVP out in a couple of days and take it from there.

About you:
1. Have the courage and genuine curiosity to work on Virtual Reality and be part of select like-minded individuals.
2. Want to play a role by helping with what you can do in this worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus outbreak.
3. Want to work on a real life-real time Virtual Reality project.
4. Have previously worked on VR project(s) and are a proficient VR developer.
5. You should understand using Rest APIs.

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Elderly Aid or Help

There is a lot of elderly population in Kerala who live alone and would need help in procuring essential goods and medicines for their daily use during this time of epidemic as they are comparatively more prone to the virus attack when exposed. Please apply below if you are interested to volunteer to take up their order from a call centre, one each in a city and deliver them what they need.

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Volunteer Data Scientist

State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) invites application for Data Science volunteers with expertise in below-mentioned areas:

What you will do:
1. Mathematical modelling of the epidemic curve for COVID-19 outbreak
2. Data Analysis, Capacity Planning
3. Bayesian Statistics
4. Previously worked on "what if" analysis
5. Clustering and segmentation
6. Proficiency in R/Python and Pandas/SQL
7. Data Wrangling: Should be able to clean data and parse data from documents

You will enjoy this position if you
1. Have the courage and genuine curiosity to learn new modelling techniques and be part of a select
like-minded individuals
2. Want to play detective finding clues from data
3. Want to work on a reallife-realtime data science project
4. Enjoy summarising your findings with actionable insights

We encourage applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

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Data Sanitisation for State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA)

Data Sanitisation

 for State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) has extensive data-sets on Patient Data, Hospital Data, Foreign Travel data of people who have visited Kerala and such data sets.

The SDMA urgently requires volunteers who can support in sanitising the data available in Excel files or PDF’s to be stored into a single master database.

This master database can then be given to Data Scientists who can help SDMA in Resource and Capacity Planning.

The skills required for this volunteering job are proficiency in Microsoft Excel. The Volunteer should have a laptop with internet connection. As the information is of sensitive nature, the volunteer has to work out of the SDMA Head Quarters in Trivandrum. (

Please apply below if you are interested.

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Call For Medical Volunteers

The state of kerala has taken effective steps against the COVID- 19 pandemic. The efforts to break the transmission chain of the virus is possible with support of the community . The Department of Health and Family welfare calls out for participation of the health practitioners to join hands with the state in the fight against COVID-19 . You may enroll using the link provided below for offering voluntary service at the Isolation facilities in hospitals/ homes, patient management in wards, screening at airports, seaports, railway stations and bus stations. Interested health practitioners may fill up the details in this form and submit. The Department of health and family welfare, kerala shall contact you soon.

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Call For Engineering Volunteers

1. CoronaSafe Network is a an open-source public utility designed by a multi-disciplinary team of volunteers along with the Government of Kerala

2. The goal is to create a volunteer run defence network to protect the healthcare system of a state or nation against the corona virus attack.

3. There are currently more than 20 applications that are running live which are designed to give the Chief Minister’s office and general public live information about Hospital Bed Capacity Utilisation, Corona Care Canters Capacity Utilisation, Inventory Management, Volunteer Management, Patient Management, Food Management, Ambulance Network and other features.

4. We are extremely short on software engineering talent and require immediate and urgent reinforcements from the software engineering community to setup the full network and put in on trial run by March 28th, 2020.

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Current Status In Kerala
Here is the current live situation of our state's Health care system
Details of persons under surveillance
No District Total people under observation People under Home Isolation people Hospitalised Total people Hospitalised Today
1 Alappuzha 7766 7752 14 5
2 Ernakulam 3057 3024 33 2
3 Idukki 4064 4055 9 1
4 Kannur 10561 10469 92 13
5 Kasaragod 11087 10856 231 14
6 Kollam 9432 9417 15 10
7 Kottayam 3336 3332 4 1
8 Kozhikode 21934 21907 27 9
9 Malappuram 14179 14042 137 44
10 Palakkad 18386 18355 31 6
11 Pathanamthitta 7516 7500 16 0
12 Thiruvananthapuram 8475 8379 96 19
13 Thrissur 15033 14996 37 5
14 Wayanad 11860 11850 10 2
Total 146686 145934 752 131
Chronology of Positive Cases
District Corona Positive Cured / Discharged Deaths
Alappuzha 1 1 0
Ernakulam 14 9 1
Idukki 7 2 0
Kannur 46 12 0
Kasaragod 131 5 0
Kollam 6 0 0
Kozhikode 11 3 0
Malappuram 14 0 0
Palakkad 7 0 0
Pathanamthitta 7 1 0
Thiruvananthapuram 7 3 1
Thrissur 9 1 0
Wayanad 3 0 0
Total 263 40 2